Photo credit, K Lardner

Jodie Fiala is an illustrator living in Melbourne Australia. 

Drawing inspirations from nature, fantasy and fashion, she creates delicately rendered portraits of ethereal females floating in tranquil spaces of flora and fauna.

She grew up in a family of mixed ethnic heritage, rich in culture and inspiration. This instilled in her an appreciation and fascination for Chinese painting and its traditional techniques and aesthetics. What started as an obsession for floral patterns, like those found in the blue porcelain china in her mother’s kitchen cupboards, evolved into a finely detailed style, translucent and even more refined in composition and colour.  

In her more recent pieces she works to strike a balance between the controlled precision of pencil with the unpredictable fluidity of ink. Therefore you’ll see her mediums switch between graphite, colour pencil on paper to Chinese ink on rice paper and silk.

All her works are available as prints in a range of sizes for your home or office posted to you in a large protective tube. Add a little otherworldliness to your walls.

Jodie completed a Bachelor of Visual Art in Painting at Monash University in 2011 and has exhibited at Off The Kerb Gallery, The Highway Gallery and in 2018 at Wisedog Gallery in Larisa, Greece.